Energy-efficient home in Ljubovija with the help of state subsidies

A well-known member of RES Serbia, Green Watt innovations d.o.o. continues to provide the best possible opportunity for citizens to maximally increase the energy efficiency of their family homes in one place with the use of subsidies from the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia.

Green Watt Innovations d.o.o. has expanded its activity from the installation of solar FN systems to the field of installation of solar collectors and installation of air-air and air-water system heat pumps and installation of pipes and radiator installations.

In the third round of the public call, the company found itself in a situation where a large number of citizens from different parts of Serbia contacted them in order to issue estimates for applying for two individual measures, the installation of a heat pump and a solar PV power plant.

We present you an example of a client from Ljubovija. It is a residential building with an area of 130 m2 built according to all environmental standards. The harsh climate and harsh weather conditions have made the need for solid fuel necessary for more than six months of the year, and in certain parts of the year it is necessary to reheat the house outside the heating season using electricity. Procurement of quality coal and firewood has become a serious challenge. In mid-October 2023, Green Watt innovations d.o.o. after calculations through the subsidy process of the Ministry, issued estimates for the competition for two individual measures and after signing the triple contract in March 2024, installed a solar PV system with a power of 6.88 kW, and a heat pump of the air-water system with a power of 14 kW.

The solar PV power plant installed at their client can produce up to 7.5 MWh on an annual basis, which, in the status of a customer of the producer, can be used with rational consumption for the maximum reduction of costs in the use of electricity for heating during the heating season. On the other hand, the use of these two systems in parallel significantly reduces the costs of purchasing energy sources, their storage and manipulation. The positive aspect of using green energy and reducing the use of fossil fuels in the production of electricity should also be mentioned.

For the heat pump and its high-quality operation, it is important to include all known details in the calculation (square footage of rooms, number of rooms, size and number of radiators, pipe installation system) and to choose the optimal power.

By exercising the right to the subsidy of two individual measures from the Ministry, the client ultimately paid for one system, while the other practically received it for free and enabled the profitability of its system for a period of four years.

Author: Marko Vidojević

Photo: Green Watt Innovations d.o.o. Beograd/Filip Veljković