Solar power plant and heat pump with the help of state subsidies

Long-term member of OIE, Green Watt innovations d.o.o. managed in the best possible way to enable citizens to maximally increase the energy efficiency of their family homes in one place with the use of subsidies from the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia.

In the third round of public invitations issued by the Ministry, Green Watt Innovations d.o.o. expanded its activity from the installation of solar FN systems to the field of installation of solar collectors and installation of air-air and air-water system heat pumps and installation of pipe and radiator installations.

It was during this round of public calls that a citizen from the Belgrade municipality of Rakovica contacted the company with the desire to advise him. Taking into account that his 150m2 residential building was built according to all environmental standards (it has external and internal insulation, PVC joinery, corrugated board and roof), and that it has a constant consumption of electricity at a higher tariff, that during the heating season it spends between 5 and 7 tons of coal, the company had no dilemma.

At the end of October 2023, Green Watt Innovations d.o.o. after calculations through the subsidy process of the Ministry, issued estimates for the competition for two individual measures and after approval in January 2024, installed a solar FN system with a power of 6 kW, and a heat pump of the air-water system with a power of 16 kW.

European research conducted in the past few years has shown that by combining these two systems, the energy efficiency (savings) of this family home can be 60% higher compared to the same household that is heated with gas and does not have a solar FN power plant installed.

The solar FN power plant installed at Green Watt Innovations’s client can produce up to 7MWh on an annual basis, which in the status of a prosumer can be used with rational consumption for the maximum reduction of costs in the use of electricity for heating during the heating season.

For the heat pump and its high-quality operation, it is important to include all known details in the calculation (square footage of rooms, number of rooms, size and number of radiators, pipe installation system) and to choose the optimal power.

By realization to the subsidy of two individual measures from the Ministry, the client ultimately paid for one system, while the other practically got it for free and enabled the profitability of its system for a period of four years.

Author: Marko Vidojević

Photo: Green Watt Innovations d.o.o. Beograd/Dalibor Ilić