Green Watt Innovations built a solar power plant at Vinarija 27

Regular member of RES Serbia, Green Watt Innovations d.o.o. built, connected to the grid and put into operation a solar power plant at “Vinarija 27” from Ovsište near Topola. It is a 30kW AC power plant.

“Vinarija 27” has a geographical location with over two hundred sunny days during the year. “Vinarija 27” has increased its capacity in the past few years by raising vineyards on over five hectares of land and is designed for 20,000 liters of annual production. In the production process, the most modern technical achievements and traditional natural processes of vine cultivation are used. The production line, from the planting seeds to the finished product, is long, very uncertain, and therefore very expensive. Obtaining the final product is only one in a series of steps in the production process.

The owners of “Vinarija 27” made a business decision to include the geographical location and the number of sunny days directly in the process of wine production and storage in a diferent way, and this was achieved by installing a solar FN power plant. The solar FN power plant construction project was implemented with the support of subsidies from the Ministry of Economy, Forestry and Water Management: “Incentive program for investments in processing and marketing of agricultural and food products in the sector of the production of strong alcoholic beverages”, as well as the same program for wine producers. The process of protecting the vineyard, the process of grape processing and its storage during fermentation, and also after pressing, has been made the most economical and ecological.

In the production process, electricity that is most used, which has a zero degree of greenhouse effect, namely no fossil fuels were used to obtain it. Wine and wine products are stored under strict temperature conditions in order to achieve the best possible quality.

With the use of the solar PV power plant, all processes have been made significantly cheaper, and all of this leaves the owners with the opportunity to establish a better selling price and level of earnings, as well as participating on markets that require the use of energy from ecological sources in the production process.

Author: Marko Vidojević

Photo: Green Watt Innovations d.o.o. Beograd/Marko Vidojević