WindEurope: There were 3.5 GW of wind turbine orders across 12 countries in Q2 2022

In the second quarter of 2022, according to data from WindEurope, investors from 12 European countries contracted deliveries of wind generators with a total power of 3.5 GW, which is an 82% better result compared to the first quarter of this year. More than half of the wind turbines agreed for delivery relate to offshore wind farms (1.8 GW).

It is very significant that Serbia, after a long break, appears on the list of countries with contracted deliveries of wind turbines, in the fourth position, thanks to agreements for the purchase of equipment for two wind power plants: Kostolac (105 MW) and Krivača (66 MW).

Germany and the United Kingdom are in the leading position, with almost 2 GW of contracted wind turbines going this quarter, while Poland is slightly ahead of Serbia with a contracted 197 MW.

For the construction of the Kostolac wind farm, the delivery of 20 wind generators manufactured by Siemens Gamesa was contracted, while the purchase of 22 Nordex wind turbines was agreed for the Krivača wind farm.

The largest number of deliveries (70%) was contracted by SGRE thanks to contracts for large offshore projects. The Krivača wind farm from Serbia is in fifth place on the list of all individual deliveries contracted in the second quarter of 2022.