The Association Renewable Energy Sources of Serbia (RES Serbia) is a business association founded on February 24th, 2021 and aimed at improvement of the business environment in the field of renewable energy sources and environmentally motivated promotion of the generation and use of electric power from renewable energy sources.

The foundation was established with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development which allocated the funds for its establishment and development. EBRD is one the leading investors in green economy in Serbia, and it is dedicated to the strengthening of the public-private dialogue.

The Association was founded by the companies in our country generating electrical power from wind energy: Vetroelektrana Balkana Ltd. Belgrade (WF Čibuk 1-158, 4 MW), Electrawinds K-Wind Ltd. Kovačica (WF Kovačica-104.5 MW and Elicio Ali VE Ltd. Belgrade (WF Alibunar, 42MW).  In the recent years, the Association’s founding companies have provided the biggest contribution to the increased share of electric power generated from renewable energy sources in the total energy consumption in Serbia. Power plants owned by the founding members have been constructed and are operated in line with the highest environmental standards identified by the Republic of Serbia and the international financial institutions which have provided the loans for the projects.

Including the founding members, Association Renewable Energy Sources of Serbia has a total of 39 members, of which 22 are regular, 16 associate and 1 honorary member. Among our members are two international financial institutions, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

You can find an overview of the membership and the process of joining the Association here.

The Association, as a non-profit apolitical organization, welcomes all those operating in the field of green energy that accept its objectives, meet the requirements provided in its Statute, and act in accordance with high professional and moral principles.

We would like to invite all interested companies and individuals active in the fields of solar energy, biomass, biogas, geothermal and wind energy to join us so we could jointly help the renewable energy sources industry to take a leading position in the Serbian energy production and economy.  

Why RES Serbia?

The Association Renewable Energy Sources of Serbia has the following bodies: Assembly, Steering Committee and Managers.

The Assembly is constituted by all Association members, and it regularly meets once a year.

The Steering Committee is an executive body managing the Association between two Assembly sessions and ensuring the achievement of its objectives. The Steering Committee, if need arises, forms standing or temporary working bodies (commission, working groups etc.) which review specific issues of importance.

The Legal Council of RES Serbia is a working body consisting of legal professionals engaged by member companies. The members of the Legal Counsel can come from all three membership categories, regardless of whether they are full-time employees or hired as independent contractors for legal affairs. The Legal Council provides recommendations on regulations and prepares initiatives.

The Engineering Forum is a working body consisting of engineers employed by member companies. The Engineering Forum is expected to create expert opinions and technical solution aimed at improving the development and functioning of the RES industry in Serbia.

The Female Network organizes companies’ employees with the goal of promoting gender equality and encouraging a greater interest of women in education fields related to employment in RES sector.

Female activists who are not working in the RES field, but are interested in the promotion of the role of women in green energy can participate in the work of the Female Network.

Young RES leaders are all those under 30 years of age who are employed in member companies on different tasks. 

Young RES leaders as the future of Serbian energy sector and future Association managers will be at disposal of students and their other young colleagues as their first contact in the world of green energy.  

The association is represented by a Manager who is appointed and relieved of their duties by the Steering Committee. The manager coordinates Association operations and represents it in public. Steering Committee members are the following representatives of the founders:  Željko Đurić, Miloš Colić and Christophe Bols.  Danijela Isailović is the Association Manager.