Wind Park Plandiste is a bronze sponsor of RES Serbia 2022 conference

Wind Park Plandiste, a regular member of the Association Renewable Energy Sources of Serbia, is going to be the bronze sponsor of the Conference “RES SERBIA 2022” this year, which will be held on September 15th and will gather national, European and regional green elites in Belgrade.

The company Wind Park Plandiste is an established SPV aimed at construction of the wind farm Plandiste 1. The project Plandiste has obtained all necessary construction permits, but due to the emergence of more innovative technologies on the market as well as wind turbines of higher rated power capacity, the project is currently at the stage of complete optimization. The commencement date of the Plandiste 1 construction (layout consists of 20 wind generators with a production capacity of 102 MW) is scheduled for the last quarter of 2023.

The creation and operation of the wind farm Plandiste 1 will be of great energy, ecological and economic importance for the local governments and the state of Serbia. The total value of the investment is 150 million euros and the wind farm will provide electricity for 68 000 common households per year and reduce CO2 emissions by 270 000 tons per year.