Wind Europe

After the annual Assembly of Wind Europe, the European Association for Wind Energy, of which RES Serbia is a member, a three-day conference and fair followed, with 10 European ministers and their deputies speaking, with more than 400 exhibitors and 8,000 visitors. The biggest wind event was organized in accordance with the highest standards.

His Royal Highness the Danish Prince Henrik opened the big conference “Electric city 2021” organized by Wind Europe. Welcoming the participants and expressing satisfaction that Copenhagen is hosting the first live wind event after the outbreak of the pandemic. He found that wind-generated energy accounted for 42 percent of Denmark’s electricity production that day. People want wind – is the conclusion of the plenary session where representatives of the European Commission, Wind Europe and leaders of the largest companies spoke in their capacity as ambassadors of the event.

On the first day of the conference, the Minister of Energy of Belgium, ministers from Denmark and Luxembourg, the Federal Secretary of State for Energy from Germany, as well as representatives of the largest investors spoke. The Minister of Energy of Belgium announced that the country will open a public discussion on the opinion of the citizens on the sustainability of development and wind energy at the beginning of next year, and that the result of that discussion will be one of the criteria for some future investments.

The director of the company Shell also opened the issue of gender equality, pointing out the fact that 70 percent of technical college students are men and must change in favor of women who have their place in the world of renewable energy sources.

A panel discussion was held where turbine manufacturers spoke about the situation in the industry, while representatives of the Ministries of Energy from Latvia, Estonia and Denmark gave their views at the plenary session.