Welcome to the page of the Green Women’s Network!

The Green Women’s Network is a working body of the Association Renewable Energy Sources of Serbia, which aims to bring together all women employed in member companies of the Association RES Serbia who want to contribute to a greater number of women working in the sector of renewable energy sources through networking and joint initiatives.

This page, as well as the campaign for the promotion of successful women who deal with green energy and sustainable development, are part of the project “The road to greater participation of women in the sector of renewable energy sources” which the Association RES Serbia is implementing with the support of the Embassy of Canada in Serbia.

In the coming months, we will present successful women who have been directly or indirectly dealing with renewable energy sources for years and thus encourage young ladies to try to find themselves in the world of renewable energy sources when choosing education and professional engagement.

The main heroines of our stories will be female engineers, directors and managers who, with their narrative, will destroy prejudices that women in power companies are only reserved for positions of secretaries and jobs of lower pay grades. In Serbia, there are women directors of companies, engineers, project managers, directors of legal and financial affairs, as well as mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, doctors of science, university lecturers, sportswomen and neighbors from the region.

How many there are will be shown by the survey we are conducting among companies that publicly declare themselves as legal entities that directly or indirectly deal with renewable energy sources.

Gender equality, accessible and renewable energy are the goals of sustainable development of the UN and we have combined them in this project, and the Embassy of Canada has supported it, with the clear goal that the voice about the benefits of green energy reaches young women who are choosing a profession or those who are thinking about retraining, change of job and sector.

The mission of the Green Women’s Network and the goal of this project is inclusiveness, and in the work and promotion of the Green Women’s Network we include all interested ladies who can improve the status of women in the energy sector with their example and contribution. If you have a proposal for the promotion of a lady who has achieved some significant success in the field of green energy and sustainable development, or you have an inspiring story for our page, please feel free to send your proposal and suggestion to nemanja.cfli@oie.rs

We are convinced that in the years ahead, this page can become an independent interactive portal that will deal with all aspects of gender equality in the energy sector.

Yes, energy, especially green energy, is feminine!