The company Elicio is a silver sponsor of the RES Serbia 2023 conference

The company Elicio, one of the founders of the Association Renewable Energy Sources of Serbia, will be the silver sponsor of the “RES SERBIA 2023” conference, which will gather domestic, European and regional green elites in Vrdnik on September 14.

The company Elicio has developed, constructed and does the long-term operations of the two wind farms in Serbia – Alibunar (42MW) and Malibunar (8MW), which produce electricity for 43.000 households and contribute to the reduction of 105.000 tons of CO2 per year.

Upon completion of the two wind farms, Elicio started developing new projects in Serbia with a total power of about 200 MW.

The company Elicio is well-known and respected in Serbia as it is present in Serbia for more than a decade and has so far invested around 100 million euros. As a socially responsible company, Elicio pays special attention to environmental protection and good relations with the local community.

Elicio is a dynamic international producer of green energy, is active in 5 countries and uses one of earth’s most Iabundant and inexhaustible resources to generate that clean energy: wind! Counting Europe’s leading energy providers amongst its customer base, Elicio generates on- and-offshore wind energy, by developing, contracting and building best-in-class wind farms. Elicio has operational wind farms in its native Belgium and France, with a total capacity of 333 MW. The company Elicio is among the leading firms in offshore wind farms and have 24% share in three operating wind farms in the North Sea with a total capacity of 1.1 GW, as well several offshore projects under development in Belgium, France and Scotland.