Sage Solutions is a new regular member of the Association RES Serbia

Sage Solutions ltd. is a company founded in 2022 with the aim of developing projects and activities in the field of energy with a focus on electricity production from renewable energy sources (RES).

The company gathers a multidisciplinary team that is currently developing over 400 MW from renewable energy sources. By hiring an expert team and cooperating with eminent experts, they are working on development of challenging projects and at the same time on raising collective awareness of the importance of the application of RES as well as improving the energy portfolio of the Republic of Serbia in this area. In its activities, the team relies on the legislation of the Republic of Serbia and cooperation with all relevant institutions, by applying the latest scientific and professional knowledge in the development of RES projects from all aspects.

In the previous experience, the Sage Solutions team had the opportunity to develop the Crni Vrh wind farm project, which is currently under construction, and at the moment the company’s main focus is on development of another wind farm project in eastern Serbia, the Jasikovo wind farm, as well as the development of a large solar power plant in the south of Serbia – SPP Brebex.

In addition, their project portfolio also includes the smaller projects, but only from the perspective of power capacity, because these projects also have the same importance for the team as the large projects they develop. Therefore, their experts are engaged in the development of solar rooftop projects as well.

Among active projects, the Sage Solutions team has fully developed the 8 MW Lebane Novo Selo solar power plant project, which was put into operation at the end of 2023 and is successfully operating.

Having in mind that RES in Serbia are finally having the long-awaited and deserved attention, the Sage Solutions team is looking forward to new challenges and forthcoming projects.