RES Serbia at the conference ,,Dani dobroga vjetra’’ in Dubrovnik

Manager of the Association Renewable Energy Sources of Serbia, Danijela Isailović spoke at the first panel of the ,,Dani dobroga vjetra’’ conference in Dubrovnik.

Danijela Isailović spoke about the situation in the RES sector in Serbia, as well as the challenges the region is facing. Giles Dickson (WindEurope), Grzegorz Zielinski (EBRD), Croatian State Secretary for Energy Ivo Milatić and Darko Belić (HOPS) were also participants in a panel entitled ,,Conditions for Accelerating Energy Transition” while the panel was moderated by Maja Pokrovac (RES Croatia).

At the end of the discussion, panelists came to the conclusion that investing in renewable energy sources is an investment in the energy security of the country, because there is no better and cheaper energy than that from one’s own country.

The conference was attended by more than 250 participants from Croatia, the region and Europe.