RES Serbia among 12,000 participants at annual WindEurope gathering in Bilbao: European wind industry has reasons for optimism

Today is the last day of The WindEurope Annual Event 2024, which took place in the vibrant Spanish city of Bilbao from March 20th to March 22nd. More than 12,000 participants gathered for this event, among which our RES Manager, Danijela Isailovic and many RES Serbia members were present. This event showcased a time of growing optimism for Europe’s wind industry. Investments in new wind farms are on the rise, auction volumes are reaching record levels, and more permits are being issued.  The event brought together industry professionals, government representatives, and experts from academia, with over 500 exhibiting companies, 14 Ministers, and 400 other speakers participating.

Under the motto “Our wind, our value – Creating value for Europe, living up to Europe’s values,” the event explored various dimensions of wind energy’s value, including its contribution to jobs, nature protection, energy security, economic competitiveness, and support for local communities.

One of the key issues discussed at the event was the increasing importance of wind energy for Europe’s energy transition. Wind currently accounts for 19% of all electricity consumed in Europe, and the EU aims to increase this to 35% by 2030. Thanks to improvements in permitting, increased investments, and supportive government policies such as the EU Wind Power Package and European Wind Charter, this target is now within reach.

WindEurope also highlighted the broader value of wind energy for Europe’s economy and environment. According to a new report by Rystad Energy, wind energy is projected to contribute €49 billion to Europe’s GDP by 2030, save 190 billion cubic meters of fossil fuel imports annually, and reduce CO2 emissions by 262 million tons per year by 2030. Additionally, wind energy is expected to create over 510,000 jobs by 2030.

The event also addressed the implementation of the EU Wind Power Package, which includes 15 immediate actions to strengthen the wind sector. Ministers from several European countries shared their plans for supporting the wind industry, and the European Investment Bank (EIB) outlined its initiatives to support wind energy investments.

While highlighting the progress and potential of wind energy, the event also addressed outstanding challenges, including technical ones, but also addressing the skills gap in the industry.

In conclusion, The WindEurope Annual Event 2024, held for the third time in Bilbao, once again provided a comprehensive platform for industry stakeholders to discuss and address the opportunities and challenges facing Europe’s wind energy sector.