Public call for the first auctions for wind farms announced for the beginning of the year

At the conference of the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia, the Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Đedović announced a public call for auctions for the first quarter of next year. In addition, the Minister announced the completion of the regulatory framework, as well as the creation of conditions for new investments in renewable energy sources.

In September, the Association RES Serbia submitted the Initiative to change the Methodology for determining the maximum purchase price of electricity and the Decision on the maximum price for wind power plants with an approved capacity of over 3 MW.

Considering that in order to complete the regulatory process, solve the issue of balancing and define a new maximum price before the auctions are announced, the Association’s position is that in addition to changing the Methodology and the maximum price determined by the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia, the concept of the premium model should be returned to a single premium as it was foreseen in the original draft of the regulation. Without an adequate Methodology and price, along with the existing two-sided premium model, there remains a great risk that the first auction process in Serbia may not be successful.