IB Interbilanz Consulting & Audit joined RES Serbia as a supportive member

As a tax and audit consultancy firm, we provide services to a number of companies from energy sector in the CEE region. Moreover, we strongly believe that every organization should align its operations with wider sustainability goals in mind. This is why our portfolio of services includes development and implementation of sustainability strategies and harmonization of operations with green goals and relevant legislation in Serbia.

We are condifent that our active role in RES Serbia will be beneficial to all stakeholders in improving the business environment in the field of renewable energy sources, both locally and globally- said Filip Borsik, CEO IB Interbilanz Consulting & Audit d.o.o.

IB Interbilanz Consulting & Audit d.o.o. provides critical financial and advisory services to international and local companies, both in Serbia and in the CEE region. For more than 15 years, our clients have relied on our audit, tax, accounting, payroll and advisory services to smoothly run their operations in Serbia and secure their positions as industry leaders.