Go2Power Consulting is a new regular member of the Association RES Serbia

Go2Power Consulting is a new regular member of the Association Renewable Energy Sources of Serbia.

Go2Power Consulting is a Serbian company founded in 2018, specializing in power consulting. The founders of the company are Goran Vukojević and Tomo Martinović, engineers with many years of experience working on projects all around the world.

Since the early beginnings, Go2Power engineering team has been focused on providing power consulting services that include production planning, market analysis, determining the optimal deployment of aggregates and power system analysis, profitability, economic and financial analysis for clients worldwide. The company also provides consulting services in the field of grid connection studies, grid impact studies, economic feasibility studies for new infrastructure projects, development plans for transmission networks and power systems, studies on the integration of renewable sources of electricity, market analysis and optimization of the engagement of electricity production facilities.

Go2Power strives to become a pioneer in the process of power systems optimization, all while providing superior, creative, and innovative solutions to clients. As one of their basic principles, they single out their advocacy for a green and sustainable future and the safe integration of renewable energy sources worldwide. The company currently employs over 20 engineers.