Germany plans to deploy 10 GW of new wind energy per year

Germany has published a document “Easter package” on over 500 pages, which sets even more ambitious goals in the green transition. The German Minister of Finance described green energy as ,,freedom energies’’.

The package envisages an amendment to the German Renewable Energy Sources Act, which should enable share of RES in Germany’s electricity production to jump from the originally planned 42% to 80% in 2030, with the prospect of Germany producing 100% of RES electricity in 2035.

To achieve this goals, the focus is on wind energy. From 2025, the quota volume for wind farm auctions will be 12 GW per year, with a bilateral premium (CfD) model to achieve annual growth in the construction of more than 10 GW of wind farms per year onshore so that Germany has 115 GW of installed onshore wind capacity in 2030.

Additional measures include increasing network capacity, simplifying and speeding up licensing, and raising administrative capacity.