Fractal CEO speaks at RES Serbia 2022 conference

Fractal CEO Ante Tojčić will be speaker at the RES Serbia 2022 conference, which will be held on September 15th, 2022 at the Metropol Hotel in Belgrade.

Starting originally from his student years, Ante Tojčić has been working for Fractal for more than 11 years now. After graduating as MSc in electrical engineering from the University of Split, he was employed full-time as a consultant with primary focus on providing support throughout project development, technical due diligences, technical-economic studies and providing consulting and management services in tendering and contracting processes for wind and solar power projects. He was appointed CEO of Fractal in 2017.

Fractal d.o.o. from Split, Croatia, is the leading regional engineering and consulting company in renewable energy sector.

Founded in 1994, with the aim of developing specialized software for power systems, Fractal’s main area of expertise today are engineering and consulting services throughout the development, construction and operational phases of renewable energy projects – primarily for wind and solar power plant projects.

Over the last decade Fractal grew to more than 30 employees while at the same time significantly extending its reach from Croatia by providing services in Serbia, BiH, Montenegro, Israel, Georgia, Hungary, Spain, Sweden and other markets.