Expert from the Institute For Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province, panelist at the RES Serbia 2022 conference

Ornithologist and head of department of the Institute For Nature Conservation Of Vojvodina Province Nikola Stojnić is a panelist at the RES Serbia 2022 conference, which will be held on September 15th in Belgrade. The panel is dedicated to the development, construction and operational work of RES projects from the point of view of the environmental protection experts.

Nikola Stojnić has been working at the Institute For Nature Conservation Of Vojvodina Province since 2003. Mr. Stojnić is in charge of issuing nature protection conditions for works and activities that may have an impact on the protected bird fauna, which also includes nature protection conditions for the construction of wind farms. Nikola Stojnić is a member of the technical commissions for the assessment of environmental impact studies of a large number of wind farms in Vojvodina (Kovačica, Pupin, Bašaid, Bela Anta) and Serbia (Kostolac, Crni vrh).

Mr. Stojnić managed the international projects PANNONEAGLE and PANNOSTEPPES, as well as the project for the development of Regional guidelines for the assessment and evaluation of ecosystem services in the processes of establishing and managing protected areas in the Western Balkans.

Nikola Stojnić graduated from the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Novi Sad, Department of Biology and Ecology. At the same faculty, in 2009, he obtained the title of Master of Biological Sciences.