Energy efficiency for professionals and enthusiasts: E2 portal media sponsor of the RES Serbia 2023 conference

E2 portal, which is dedicated to energy efficiency and ecology, is the new media sponsor of the RES Serbia 2023 conference, which is being held on September 14th in Vrdnik.

E2 portal is the first portal on energy efficiency and ecology, intended both for professionals in the construction, IT, and transport sectors, as well as for enthusiasts, who strive to apply ecological and energy efficiency principles in their work, that is, in their homes, and achieve savings. It is dedicated to following trends and innovations when it comes to technologies, services and materials that lead to “smart” and sustainable development.

It was created in 2011, as a result of working with licensed printed editions of some of the most important publishing houses in Europe ( and

The logical step of the team, which pioneered the popularization of energy efficiency in our region in 2009, was the transition to online publishing.

E2 web portal covers its niche in the market with about 55,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis, with an average of 3.5 pages viewed and 2.9 minutes per visit. After the redesign of the portal in 2018 and increased activity on social networks, the number of visits from the region and beyond has increased.