EIB is a new supportive member of the Association RES Serbia

The EIB plays a crucial role in supporting the green transformation by financing a wide range of sustainable projects. Through its dedicated arm for activities outside the EU – EIB Global, it can offer loans and financing solutions to private sector and businesses in Serbia and the Western Balkans for clean energy and environmentally sustainable projects. These projects include renewable energy installations, energy efficiency improvements, energy infrastructure upgrade and more. The bank is already developing a number of these clean energy investments in the region to facilitate the green transition and higher energy security.

In the region, capacity building, project preparation support and blended financing solutions are crucial to increase the impact of sustainable energy investments. The bank can offer grants and technical assistance for strategic projects to get them off the ground more rapidly. In that regard, the EIB has tripled its advisory under the Jaspers programme, to support the region in the preparation and implementation of sustainable projects and strategies. The bank also scaled up its assistance under the Just Transition approach for countries outside the EU to help the coal-intensive regions shift to clean energy while ensuring positive socio-economic outcomes.

On the global scale, EIB’s global climate commitment includes a big push to support adaptation projects and finance for clean energy with technological innovation. Since the early 2000s, the EIB has been a cornerstone investor in the offshore wind sector. In 2023, the Bank’s investments included more than €21 billion for clean energy projects around the world.

The EIB supports the REPowerEU Plan with an additional €45 billion in loans and equity financing by 2027. The additional funds will be directed to renewable energy, energy efficiency, net-zero technologies and raw materials, grid development and workforce development. The package of new, targeted financing is expected to mobilise up to €150 billion of new investment by 2027.