Director of the Electricity Market Directorate EMS panelist at the RES Serbia 2022 conference

Director of the Electricity Market Directorate EMS Marko Janković is a panelist at the RES Serbia 2022 conference, which will be held on September 15th in Belgrade.

Marko Janković was born in 1978 in Užice and graduated from the Electrical Engineering Faculty at the University of Belgrade, Department of Electrical Power Systems. In 2008, he joined JP Elektromreže Srbije, a team dealing with the development of the electricity market in the Republic of Serbia. Practically from the very beginning, Mr. Janković participated in the design of the Serbian electricity market. He actively participated in the development of the cross-border transmission capacity market, was a member of the working group for the development of the first Rules on the operation of the electricity market, participated in the establishment of market principles for the functioning of the national balancing market, as well as the opening of the electricity market for end customers. In the continuation of the liberalization of the electricity market in Serbia, he led projects to establish the process of issuing guarantees of origin and transparency of key market data, as well as the implementation of the system for managing the electricity market in Serbia. Mr. Janković was engaged in several working groups in Serbia for the drafting of the Law on Energy, the Law on the Use of RES and the drafting of by-laws in the area of ​​the electricity market.

In recent years, Marko Janković has been working with his team on the integration of the national market into the regional, that is, the single European electricity market. The most significant results in this domain are the participation of EMS AD in the work of the single European auction house (JAO Luxembourg), the single European platform for Imbalance Netting (IGCC) and the European association of bodies for issuing guarantees of origin (AIB). In the previous period, Mr. Janković was a member of several working groups within the European Association of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E) and European projects.

Since November 2016, Marko Janković has been working as director of the Directorate for Electricity Markets in EMS AD and is a representative of the Committee for the Development Strategy of the Organized Electricity Market in Serbia (SEEPEX). He is a member of the ENTSOE Electricity Market Committee, as well as the Electricity Market Committee of the CIGRE Serbia National Committee, as well as the CIRED Serbia Electricity Market Committee.