CVP has become a new member of RES Serbia

Crni Vrh Power ltd (CVP) is a company founded in August 2019, with the aim to implement projects in the field of wind energy sector. Our headquarters are situated both in Žagubica and Belgrade.

We are determined to construct a wind power plant at an altitude between 700 to 900m above sea level in a challenging mountainous area, recognizable by the harsh weather conditions.

The wind power plant VE Crni vrh will be located in the northeastern part of Serbia, in the area of the City of Bor, the Municipality of Majdanpek and the Municipality of Žagubica.

The latest generation of wind turbines from the most famous names in the world of wind energy will be used for the construction of wind power plant VE Crni vrh. This includes a state-of-the-art 5.5 to 6.0 MW wind turbine.

WPP VE Crni vrh complex includes:

  • up to 30 wind turbines with a total capacity of 150 MW;
  • substation VE Crni vrh 33/110kV and switchyard 110kV Crni vrh 1, as well as 110 kV OHLs in order to connect with the existing substations within the Serbian power system;
  • network of roads and access roads.

The Project is in development stage, with adopted urban-planning documentation, obtained energy permit and currently in the process of obtaining other relevant permits, as well as development of necessary investment technical documentation and designs.