Cleaner energy solutions for the region: Interenergo is a bronze sponsor of RES Serbia 2024

An international energy company Interenergo, which is playing a crucial role in our region’s shift towards cleaner energy solutions, is a bronze sponsor of the RES Serbia 2024 conference which will bring together all those searching for clean energy solutions on the 23rd and 24th of September in Vrdnik.

Interenergo is an international energy company headquartered in Ljubljana and a part of Austrian Kelag Group. Despite being relatively young, the company is playing a crucial role in our region’s shift towards cleaner energy solutions. Their main activities include electricity trading, power purchase agreements (PPA), investments in renewable energy sources (RES), and energy services. Their goal is to develop projects and solutions that create added value for their partners and the market. They are always in motion and follow developments in the market, responding to them and integrating the established trends into their business model. Their employees who possess relevant knowledge, high competencies and strive for excellence in their work, are an integral driving force of the company. In everything they do, they always take account of their responsibility to the environment, which is at the core of their group’s sustainable orientation.

The foundations of their operation are solid. Since 2009, Intrerenergo has been part of the Austrian Kelag Group, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2023. Long-standing tradition, stability, and expertise, as well as more than 1400 MW of total rated power of production units, make the Kelag group one of the leading energy companies in Europe in the field of RES. With its knowledge and experience, the ownership group provides them with the possibility of long-term planning and development of activities. Kelag, on the other hand, recognizes Interenergo as an independent competence center that uses innovative approaches to develop new possibilities and business models of operation in the entire group.