Association RES Serbia is a new member of SolarPower Europe

Association Renewable Energy Sources of Serbia joined the membership of the European association SolarPower Europe.

SolarPower Europe is a European association for solar energy that brings together more than 280 different companies and organizations from the solar energy sector, which since its establishment has successfully advocated solar energy solutions, leads communication with European policy makers and helps in creating an environment that enables maximizing the growth of solar energy in Europe.

InfluenceMap ranked SolarPower Europe as the second leading association in the European Union for engagement in EU energy and climate policy. SolarPower Europe has a mission to ensure that solar energy becomes the leading energy source in Europe by 2030, while working intensively to lead its members to make solar energy the core of a sustainable, secure and inclusive energy system in order to achieve climate neutrality in the EU much before 2050.

SolarPower Europe, together with its members, works to create and improve the regulatory and business environment for raising the use of solar energy to the next level, and how the Association RES Serbia, together with its members, strives to improve the business environment in the field of renewable energy sources and, in the service of preserving environment, encourages the production and use of electricity from renewable sources, access to this recognized European association was a logical sequence of activities.

Association RES Serbia has been a member of the European wind energy association WindEurope since July 2021, and now, less than two years later, following the growing trend of interest in solar energy, the Association is intensifying its activity in monitoring the developments of this segment of the renewable energy sector. By becoming a member of WindEurope and SolarPower Europe, Association RES Serbia will strive to contribute to the improvement of the sector of renewable energy sources in Serbia, but also to facilitate and adapt to the energy transition in which the entire region is located.