ACB helps investors in the field of RES and supports the conference RES Serbia 2023 as a bronze sponsor

Insurance Mediation Company ACB is a bronze sponsor of RES Serbia 2023 conference which will take place on September 14th in Vrdnik.

As the only company on the insurance market that is a member of the Association RES Serbia – Insurance Mediation Company ACB has been actively participating in a large number of projects for a long time, providing expert advice and assistance to existing members and interested investors in the field of renewable energy sources.

  • Specialized in all segments of RES insurance and coverage with the best conditions and prices
  • Realized complex projects in RES with about 400 MW of total installed power
  • Successfully implemented compensation claims in the total amount of around 6 million EUR

Insurance mediation company ACB doo is the exclusive correspondent of Aon Corporation in Serbia. Since the beginning of its business, they have been at the very top among insurance brokers, and since the RES projects in our country have been current, they guarantee the best service and products, realization of compensation claims, prices and insurance coverage on the insurance market. During the 21 years of business, they have built a wide portfolio of clients in all types of industries with over 650 companies, and with insurers, a special position of a large customer, which is why they can provide the best prices and conditions for their clients.

Together with their colleagues from Aon Corporation, they were engaged in projects from different domains of renewable energy – from water purification plants, gas pipelines, biomass, solar energy, to waste management projects and finally – wind farms, with a total installed capacity of 400MW. Also, through their mediation, they have helped structuring and risk placement for a large number of their clients in projects of small solar power plants for their own production and consumption.

They specialize in all segments of the insurance contracting process for renewable energy projects – from assessing risks or possible hazards that may burden the project, through finding optimal coverage that will protect the interests of clients and meet the requirements of creditors, providing quality service and advice in case of adverse events, to the most favorable premium in the insurance market through the large purchasing power of insurers. In the previous period, they managed, together with their colleagues from Aon, to successfully assist their clients in all compensation claims, with experientially challenging compensations from the risk of work interruption, but also material damages, and ensure the payment of compensations in the amount of over six million euros.

They continuously improve their knowledge, exchanging experiences with colleagues from Aon, as well as by actively participating in business meetings, gatherings and conferences, such as the upcoming one organized by the Association RES Serbia.