A stimulating example in the region – wind farms in Montenegro yesterday met 45% of electricity needs

According to WindEurope, Montenegro yesterday, April 17, 2022 succeeded to meet 45% of the need for electricity at the national level from domestic wind farms, which brought this country in first place in Europe for the day according to the share of wind energy in the energy mix of the country.

Montenegro currently has a Krnovo wind farm with an installed capacity of 72 MW and a Možura wind farm with a capacity of 46 MW, while the Gvozd wind farm with an installed capacity of 54 MW is under construction, and it plans to build a 100 MW Braići wind farm.

Also, another country in the region achieved an enviable result, and that is Croatia, which was in fourth place with its 33.4%, just behind Romania with 33.5%

We hope this will be an encouraging example for all countries in the region to embark on the path of energy transition.