A public call for market premiums has been published in Croatia

The Croatian Energy Market Operator (HROTE) has announced a public call for investors to bid in order to award a market premium to RES power plants.

The bidding procedure is organized for several types of power plants: wind power plants, solar power plants, biogas power plants, biomass power plants, hydro power plants and geothermal power plants, lasts 60 days and is conducted in paper form.

The quota for solar and wind power plants is 300 MW each.

The maximum price at auction that investors can bid in the bidding process is 460.91 kn / MWh (60.85 € / MWh) for wind farms, while for solar power plants the maximum price is 495.63 kn / MWh (65.45 € / MWh) ).

Compared to Serbia, the maximum price of electricity at the auction for wind farms in Croatia is higher than the maximum purchase price of electricity defined by the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia (55.68 € / MWh). Croatia has almost twice the capacity of installed wind farms compared to Serbia.