A home full of real opportunities: NLB Komercijalna banka is a gold sponsor of RES Serbia 2023 conference

NLB Komercijalna banka is a gold sponsor of RES Serbia 2023 conference which will be held in Vrdnik on September 14th.

NLB Komercijalna banka is a universal bank that provides all types of banking services to all types of customers, from personal banking customers, to entrepreneurs, SMEs to the largest local and international companies.

As a bank of systemic importance, NLB Komercijalna banka has its own liquidity and one of the widespread ATM and branch networks in Serbia, but its greatest asset is a fair and transparent relationship of trust with more than a million active customers.

They are exactly the focus of all bank’s activities. This means that NLB Komercijalna banka is developing its business in line with their needs – always led by the motto that it does not sell products, but create complete financial solutions to their life and business issues.

The bank is a member of the NLB Group, a leading banking and financial group headquartered in South East Europe with a sole focus on this region. Serbia is a market of strategic importance for NLB Group. This is a particular advantage to all bank’s clients who are connected to the countries of the region with both private and business ties, but this is also a guarantee of active support that NLB Komercijalna banka can count on at any moment – both on the parent bank in Slovenia and all of its members.

Its parent NLB Group is not just a financial group. For NLB Group this region is not just a blob on the map, but a home full of real opportunities. This means that, apart from the good business and financial results that support further economic development, NLB Group would like to initiate the changes for the better, in the environment they operate in, and contribute to the better quality of life for all its citizens.

That is why constant adjustments to customer needs, introduction of new banking products and services, with the use of advanced technologies, but also continuous investment in the community they operate in, are the tried and tested recipe for long-term successful business.