Wind Park Plandište is a silver sponsor of RES Serbia 2023 conference

Wind Park Plandište is a silver sponsor of RES Serbia 2023 conference, which is being held on September 14th at the ethno complex Vrdnička Kula in Vrdnik.

Wind Park Plandište is a project company that plans the construction of the 102 MW wind power plant Plandište 1.

Wind power plant Plandište 1 project has been fully optimized over the last two years, and new building permits have been obtained for all elements of the project. The updated building permit foresees the construction of 17 wind generators with a single power of 6 MW, while the planning documentation allows the construction of up to 20 wind generators with a maximum power of 7 MW.

The environmental impact study was updated in 2023, and the positive decision of the competent authority indicates that the power plant will not have a negative impact on the environment.

The construction of the power plant will have great energetic, ecological and economic importance for the local self-government and the state of Serbia. The investment worth 150 million euros will provide electricity to 68,000 average households per year and reduce CO2 emissions by 270,000 tons each year.