Three-day Energy Summit held in Trebinje

The three-day Summit of energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources “SET Trebinje 2023” ended today.

Summit was opened with a solemn ceremony in which welcoming speeches were given by high-ranking representatives of energy organizations, ministries and state leaders, among whom Jelena Matejić, director of EMS, also spoke. This was followed by a bilateral meeting on the topic of energy stability and regional independence between Milorad Dodik, President of Republika Srpska and Peter Szijjarto, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary.

The guests were also given a presentation by the general sponsor of SET, company Elnos Group, a regular member of the Association Renewable Energy Sources of Serbia, after which a series of panel discussions began with the most important topics in the energy sector of the region. During SET, 9 panel discussions were held with numerous guests who commented and discussed the most important topics related to energy in the region.

Panelists talked about the development of the infrastructure of electric power networks, consumers in the region, prices of energy in the region, the role of distributed generation and flexibility services in the development of the market, mechanisms for ensuring the energy transition, the security of the energy sector, the regional approach to the supply of energy, the development of electromobility in the region and the impact of regular maintenance of thermal and hydropower plants.

Panel participants at “SET Trebinje 2023” included representatives of regular members of the Association RES Serbia, Miroslav Tomašević (PE EPS) and Miloš Kostić (MT-Komex), as well as representatives of associated members of the Association RES Serbia, Bodin Bulatović (IFC) i Petar Mitrović (Karanović & Partners).

Miroslav Tomašević, general director of EP EPS, a regular member of the Association, was a participant in the panel discussion on the topic “Acceleration of the regional sustainable plan and the transition to clean energy – the role of the EU”. PE EPS is planning investments of 8.5 billion euros until 2035 on the road to energy transition, and Miroslav Tomašević announced the replacement of old coal-fired plants with new ones. Tomašević also announced that in September or October, a new 350 MW lignite unit will start operating, which will meet all European standards.

Miloš Kostić, general manager of the company MT-Komex, a regular member of the Association, held a presentation and talked about the company’s plans and its turn towards renewable energy sources, projects that have been realized so far, as well as plans for the future. Let us remind you that the company MT-Komex, as a gold sponsor, was an important part of the Energy Summit.

Bodin Bulatović held a presentation on the work of the IFC Group.

Petar Mitrović, a partner in Karanović & Partners, an associate member of the Association RES Serbia, was a participant in the panel “Prosumers in the region – legal and regulatory framework for the support and treatment of small producers with a focus on solar photovoltaic (PV) systems connected to the distribution network”.

Danijela Isailović, manager of the Association Renewable Energy Sources of Serbia, also attended the summit.