Solar power plant opened at the Eco Step Pellet factory

A regular member of the Association Renewable Energy Sources of Serbia, the company Eko Step Pellet from Petrovac na Mlavi, opened today a 1MW solar power plant on the roofs of its business facilities.

Eco Step Pellet built a solar power plant for its own needs with the possibility of returning surpluses to the public distribution network in accordance with the Law on the Use of RES, thus gaining the status of a buyer-producer, ie “Prosumer”.

The event was opened by the Minister of Economy, Andjelka Atanaskovic.

The manager of the Association RES Serbia Danijela Isailović also spoke at the opening, she pointed out that Eko Step Pellet was the first member to join the Association after its founding, which indicates their vision. – Today we are putting into operation a 1MW solar power plant on the roofs of the factory, it is currently the largest prosumer in Serbia and we really congratulate them on this endeavor! – Daniela said.

According to the designed conditions and software assumptions, the built solar power plant should produce about 1,300,000 kWh per year. As the factory’s consumption so far has been around 5,900,000 kWh, it can be concluded that the savings will be around 22% on the annual level. It is certainly more significant that Eko Step Pellet, as a socially responsible company, will participate in the reduction of harmful gas (CO2) emissions by 1,100 tons per year.