Siemens is a new regular member of the Association RES Serbia

Who combines the real and digital worlds with technologies that transform the everyday? Who creates “technologies with purpose” and makes life easier for each of us? The answer is Siemens!

Siemens is a global technology company with a 176-year history. The beginnings were modest, in one Berlin backyard and ten employees, and today, it employs over 310,000 people worldwide and represents one of the most famous brands worldwide. Just as it introduced the world to electrification in its early days, this company is now a leader in digital transformation.

Siemens has been present in Serbia since 1887 when it participated in the pioneering efforts of the electrification of Serbia. Today, this company in Serbia is focused on digital transformation in industry and infrastructure – from automation and digitization in the process and production industry to smart infrastructure and solutions for energy distribution and energy systems.

As there has never been a greater need to create resilient and sustainable infrastructure, one of the leading areas of Siemens’ activities in the world and Serbia is Smart Infrastructure. Siemens Smart Infrastructure provides solutions and technologies to improve the efficiency, sustainability, and resilience of infrastructure systems in various industries. Its portfolio includes a wide range of products and services that help address the challenges of urbanization, climate change, and the increasing demand for energy and infrastructure services.

The portfolio of Siemens Smart Infrastructure in Serbia includes solutions in the field of electricity distribution (including infrastructure, distribution, and network management) and mobility (electric vehicle charging infrastructure and intelligent traffic management solutions, which promote sustainable transport options and reduce air pollution). The scope of work of Smart Infrastructure also includes smart grids (smart networks for efficient and resilient energy distribution), digitization as well as digitized energy solutions, and the development of smart city solutions that integrate various infrastructure systems to create a more sustainable, efficient, and livable urban environment. The newest addition to Siemens’ broad portfolio includes complete solutions for photovoltaic plant control, microgrid, and energy storage control, enabling optimal resource utilization.

By offering these technologies and services, Siemens Smart Infrastructure contributes to reducing carbon emissions, increasing energy efficiency, and improving the resilience of infrastructure and the sustainability of urban areas. Its portfolio aligns with the company’s global efforts to combat climate change and build a more sustainable and interconnected world.