RES Serbia at the webinar “Doing Business with Serbia” organized by the Embassy of Israel

Today, the Manager of the Association RES Serbia, Danijela Isailović, participated in the webinar organized by the Embassy of Israel in Belgrade with the topic “Doing Business with Serbia”. The webinar provided potential investors from Israel with insight into business opportunities and perspectives in Serbia, with 120 participants from 60 Israeli companies attending.

Besides the Manager of the Association RES Serbia, panelists included His Excellency the Ambassador of Israel in Belgrade, Yahel Vilan, who opened the webinar and provided an introduction to the business environment in Serbia. Nenad Paunović, Director of the IT and Entrepreneurship team in the Office of the Prime Minister of Serbia, spoke about Serbia as a future biotech hub for Southeast Europe and the opportunities within the BIO4 campus.

Danijela Isailović presented the work of the Association RES Serbia to potential investors. She emphasized the importance of investing in renewable energy sources in Serbia and presented relevant statistical data illustrating the success of investments in this sector. She highlighted the presence and significance of Israeli investors in the renewable energy sector in Serbia. 

Additionally, she announced the RES Serbia 2024 conference, scheduled for September 23rd and 24th in Vrdnik, which will traditionally bring together key representatives of green energy from the region and Europe.

Foto: Pixabay/Gerd Altmann