RES Serbia at the opening of the “Energy” Conference

The manager of OIE Serbia, Danijela Isailović, spoke at the ceremonial opening of the Energy Conference, which is being held this week in Zlatibor, organized by the Association of Energy Workers of Serbia.

The international conference ENERGY 2024 is being held in a year in which the positive effects of the decarbonization of energy, transport and industry should become more visible with the aim of remediating the consequences of increasingly accelerated climate changes and increasingly intense environmental pollution.

Serbia accepted the COP28 Agreement. The biggest progress compared to previous global climate agreements is the call to triple the capacities of renewable energy sources and double the average annual growth rates of energy efficiency by 2030, as well as the call to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels in energy systems in this decade, but in a fair way, in order to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

Danijela Isailović presented the Association as a modern and ambitious business association that gathers leading electricity producers from RES and companies operating in green business. Thanking the organizer for the invitation, she pointed out the importance of cooperation between related organizations that, in addition to members, share the same values and goals, such as a fair and safe energy transition.

Members of RES Serbia, the leading sponsors of the consultation (Elnos Group, Siemens Belgrade and MT-KOMEX) held presentations, while the panels discussed current energy developments.

Some areas of interest this year are RES, energy efficiency, multi-sector tasks in improving environmental protection and many more.

We would like to thank the President of the Association of Energy Engineers of Serbia, Professor Nikola Rajaković for the invitation, Marko Popović, and BBN Congress Management d.o.o. on the organization.