PUTINVEST is a friend of the RES Serbia 2023 conference – From road construction to green energy

PUTINVEST is a friend of the RES Serbia 2023 conference which will take place in Vrdnik on September 14th.

PUTINVEST was established in 2003 in Belgrade, Serbia, as a private company for studies, road design and engineering. The company has experience in road/highway/street design with related utilities, design review, traffic design and other consulting services such as project management, contract management, technical inspection of executed works, etc.

Regarding green energy project, the company has vast experience in Wind Farm and PV Power Plant road design. PUTINVEST has developed and is developing more than 500km of roads (for about 230 wind turbines) with different types of pavement and in accordance with various turbine manufacturers’ specifications (Siemens, Enercon, Vestas and General Electric, etc.). In addition to road design, the designs also included the preparation of documentation for borrowing materials, protection of product pipelines, temporary platforms, permanent platforms, etc.

Also, the company’s portfolio includes various projects, specific and interesting from a professional viewpoint and important both for the entire Republic of Serbia and for the development of our engineers. As a company or as individual engineers, PUTINVEST has been involved in all major projects in our country in the last 35 years. Through design and design review services, experts of the compay have participated in rehabilitation and construction projects for more than 700 kilometres of state roads, while they have worked on urban road projects for more than 50 local governments.

More information is available at: www.putinvest.rs/en , office@putinvest.rs