Masdar Taaleri Generation company is the gold sponsor of RES SERBIA 2023

Masdar Taaleri Generation company is the gold sponsor of the conference RES SERBIA 2023, which will be held on September 14th, 2023 at the ethno complex Vrdnička Kula on Fruška Gora Mountain.

Company Masdar Taaleri Generation works on development of projects of renewable energy sources in Central and Southeastern Europe, with headquarters in Serbia. After the successful completion of the Čibuk 1 wind farm project, the MTG company started a new project called Čibuk 2.

Čibuk 2 wind farm is a project developed by the Masdar Taaleri Generation company in cooperation with the New Energy Solutions company. Čibuk 2, with an installed capacity of 155 megawatts, will be built southeast of the existing wind farm Čibuk 1, about 40 kilometers from Belgrade, in the Municipality of Kovin, in Vojvodina.

The start of construction is planned for 2024, while the power plant should start operating in 2025. Čibuk 2 wind farm will produce 430,000 MWh per year, providing enough electricity to power around 100,000 homes. At the same time, it will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by 401,190 tons per year, which would be emitted if the same amount of electricity was produced in a coal-fired power plant.

The construction and commissioning of the Čibuk 2 wind farm will support the goals of the Republic of Serbia to use renewable energy sources more intensively in order to preserve the environment, achieve energy independence and diversify the energy mix.

Čibuk 2 project supports local community initiatives, educational and philanthropic projects that include health, education, sports, infrastructure and culture through its socially responsible activities.

Masdar Taaleri Generation, the company behind the Čibuk 2 wind farm, is owned by Masdar, a global leader in the field of renewable energy from the United Arab Emirates and one of the largest investors in the field of wind and solar energy in Europe, Finland’s Taaleri Energia, who have made their successful cooperation on the project of the largest wind farm in Serbia, Čibuk 1, expanded to projects in Central and Southeastern Europe.

You can find more information about Masdar and Taaleri Energia’s portfolio, ethical standards and reporting on their official pages: