Map of RES power plant locations in Serbia

By changing Article 67, Paragraph 2 of the Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources (“Official Gazette 35/23), the transmission system operator now publishes the locations of power plants that are in the process of connection to the transmission network. Namely, it is known that due to the hyperproduction of connection requests, there were 20 GW of connection requests on the transmission network. This minor change accomplishes the following:

1) assist future applicants to better inform themselves about locations on the transmission network that are overloaded with requests;

2) more realistic requirements are expected based on the available information on connection locations and facilitate the work of transmission system operator;

3) local communities and citizens will have insight into the planned power plant connections in their area.

Apart from the professional and general public, this will be very useful for students and researchers doing studies on the topic of integration of renewable energy sources, both in the country and abroad.

Nenad Jovanović, representative of our regular member LDK Consultants, made a map of all the power plants that are in the process of being connected to the transmission network after the locations were published on the website of Elektromreža Srbije a.d. (Joint Stock Company Elektromreža Srbije). The map is interactive and provides basic information (in Serbian) and provides for all locations such as: name, type of power plant, capacity (MW), stage of the connection process, as well as the expected year of commissioning.

The most power plants were reported in Alibunar (six plants in total, with a capacity of 654 MW), followed by Kladovo (five plants in total, with a capacity of 1,970 MW). Also, the map contains 4 wind farms that are already in operation: Alibunar, Čibuk 1, Košava and Kovačica. The data was updated on May 19th, 2023.

You can access the locations of all power plants in the connection process at the following link: