Manager of RES Serbia at the MARES founding conference in Skopje

On Wednesday, October 25th, Manager of RES Serbia, Danijela Isailović, will participate in the founding conference of MARES, the Macedonian Association for Renewable Energy Sources. The founding conference “Empowering Tomorrow: The Road to a Renewable Green Transition” is being held in Skopje, under the auspices of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which also supported the establishment of the Association Renewable Energy Sources of Serbia.

Danijela Isailović is participating in the first panel “Strategic Opportunities of the Green Transition” where she will discuss the challenges and opportunities of the transition towards renewable energy sources with representatives of Solar Power Europe, Secretariat of the Energy Community, German Development Bank KfW, EBRD, company AKUO, the Energy Regulatory Commission, as well as the state advisor for energy.

Miloš Kostić, director of the company MT-Komex, which is a regular member of RES Serbia, will also participate in the conference, which will gather representatives of green energy from the country and the region.

Association RES Serbia supports colleagues from the region and encourages them to create a successful association like ours.