International Women in Engineering Day

Today, the world celebrates the International Women’s Day in Engineering, and the Association Renewable Energy Sources of Serbia is proud to have members who nurture the principle of gender equality and prove that energy is female gender.

Our members employ a significant number of women mechanical, construction, traffic and electrical engineers. Today we present Kamala Mujezinović Šantić (27), an energy engineer who, after she got her bachelor’s degree at ETF in Belgrade in 2018, completed her internship in Oman, published a scientific paper entitled ’’Optimal design and evaluation of a hybrid energy system for off-grid remote area’’, and then she got her master’s degree in the field of ’’Renewable energy sources’’ at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. She worked as an engineer in PE Emisione tehnike i veze, and in 2020 she was employed by New Energy Solutions as a Project Development Engineer. She is an active member of the Green Women’s Network of RES SERBIA, and in addition to a fantastic academic and business career, at the age of less than 27, she is also building a private life, and is a dedicated mother to a 16-month-old boy and wife.

– Being a woman in engineering, and especially in energy, is really challenging, but very dynamic every day. I was personally attracted by the many different innovative solutions for the development of such large projects in the field of renewable energy sources (especially in the field of wind) in which I became an active participant thanks to the NES. Also, I think that the growing number of young colleagues who decide for the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, primarily for energy, is an indicator that the myth that women have no place in energy has long been overcome. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all young girls who are afraid of the world of engineering to listen to their instincts, because quality in this sphere is always recognized and rewarded – said Kamala Mujezinović Šantić on the Women Engineers Day.