Executive Vice President of CWP Europe will take part in the RES Serbia 2023 conference

Executive Vice President of CWP Europe Maja Turković is participating in the RES Serbia 2023 conference.

Maja was a pioneer of the wind energy industry development in Serbia, as a co-owner and director of the first large-scale wind project in Serbia, as well as through her engagement in the Serbian Wind Energy Association.

She brings over twenty years of invaluable and multi-angled experience in the renewable energy sector, covering a wide range of different roles and engagements: from Power Utility restructuring to RES policy making and RES project development. Some of her notable engagements include being an assistant minister for the power sector in the Ministry of Energy, Government of Serbia.

She holds a Master’s degree in Power Systems from the University of Belgrade‘s Faculty of Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Imperial College London Business School.

Maja gives back to the community on a large scale by being actively involved in several non-profit institutions. She is empowering young people in Serbia through her Board presence in Pexim Foundation. She co-founded WISE SEE network dedicated to empowering women in the industry. Finally, she is constantly working on innovative ways to decarbonize our planet through her active involvement in a regional network of independent energy transition think tanks SE3T.net.