Elnos Group: Leaders of green transformation and golden sponsor of RES Serbia 2024

For years, Elnos Group has been a significant player in the largest green initiatives in the region and Europe. As the golden sponsor of the upcoming RES Serbia 2024 conference, to be held on September 23rd and 24th at the ethno complex Vrdnička kula on Fruška Gora, Elnos Group continues to set a strong tone for the energy industry’s transformation towards a more sustainable future.

With operations in 18 countries across the region and Europe, this company has become a prominent name in the regional and European renewable energy market.

Their commitment to a sustainable future is evident through their impressive portfolio. Teams within Elnos Group are key players in the construction of over 800 megawatts of RES capacity throughout the region and Europe, with an impressive portfolio of 1.200 megawatts of installed RES capacity to date.

Čibuk 1 wind farm and Krivača wind park

They have garnered significant public interest in Serbia as a crucial actor in the construction of the largest wind park in the Western Balkans – Čibuk 1 (158 MW), while currently capturing attention through the development of the Krivača wind park (103 MW) in eastern Serbia. Their great reputation has once again brought them close to the site of their past green mission, but this time with a new task – the construction of Čibuk 2 wind park (155 MW), continuing to set standards in the renewable energy sector.

Elnos Group is very active in the field of hydroenergy, actively participating in the HE Dabar project (159.15 MW) in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the extensive revitalization of the Perućica hydroelectric power plant (307 MW) in Montenegro.

Medeno polje solar power plant and High Speed 2 project

Among the exceptional projects within the rich European green mix, Elnos Group stands out as a dedicated player working on sustainable energy solutions. Through numerous innovative projects such as the construction of the HVDC interconnection NordLink between Germany and Norway, building the Burfell 2 hydroelectric plant (100 MW) in Iceland, designing the Morgavel solar plant (48.96/44 MW AC) in Portugal, and participating in the carbon-neutral mega-project High Speed 2 in the UK, Elnos Group clearly demonstrates its true dedication to the renewable energy industry.

For more information about Elnos Group and its operations, you can visit: https://elnosgroup.com/.