EKO STEP PELLET, the new member of the Association Renewable Energy Sources of Serbia.

Eko Step Pellet, pellet producer form Petrovac na Mlavi became the member of The Association Renewable Energy Sources of Serbia by a unanimous decision of the Association’s Steering Committee.

Eko Step Pellet provides an excellent example of the use of pellets as energy products and pellet production with the full implementation of highest environmental standards.

Eko Step Pellet produces pellet out of beech chaff without addition of any other wood or impurities, which classifies it as high-calorie and high-quality environmental energy products. Pellets produced in this plant emit a low amount of CO2 gasses, contain minimal humidity and the share of ash during combustion remains below 1.2% which is at the level of European A2 standard with a tendency towards A1. From 2017, more than seven million euro was invested in this plant currently employing more than 40 workers. The plant’s annual capacity (with work in three shifts) is 35 000 tons of pellets. The company is owned by a domestic investor and represents an important investment for the entire Pomoravlje region.

Eko Step Pellet is spreading its environmental awareness on corporate members, so it has confirmed its dedication to environment protection through an investment in Ramonda Rtanj hotel in the form of solar panels and an electric car fueling station.