The “RES Serbia 2022” conference will gather the European, regional and domestic green elite on September 15, 2022 at the Metropol Hotel. The greatest experts on the situation in the field of renewable energy sources will discuss the situation in the green energy sector after the war actions in Ukraine, the implementation of the Law on Renewable Energy Sources, auctions in Serbia, balancing and purchase of electricity, challenges in purchasing equipment for wind farms and solar parks, and all other leading energy topics. The leaders of the EBRD, Wind Europe, representatives of the most important state institutions and the world’s largest companies will discuss the most important energy topics.

You can see how it was at the “RES Serbia 2021” conference at this link.

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We inform you that the capacities for the conference RES SERBIA 2022 are full and that we are no longer accepting applications for participation in the conference.
Thank you all for your interest! We have learned from this experience that the interest and need for green energy is much greater than we think, and we will do our best to make our next events multi-day and in a much larger format.


Guests of our conference are provided with a 10% discount on accommodation services at the Metropol Hotel if they book via e-mail address