Ana Petrović was declared “Engineer of the Year” in Serbia

General director of the company “Global Substation Solutions” Ana Petrović was declared “Engineer of the Year” in Serbia as part of the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, the company Siemens Serbia and the “Engineer of the Year” association, whose goal is to inspire young women for studies and a career in the engineering profession. In a competition of 10 finalists, Ana Petrović was declared the engineer of the year at a ceremony held at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

She received her doctorate at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, at the department of energy, majoring in power systems. She started her business development nine years ago as a trainee engineer in the company where she has been the general manager since January.

The company “Global Substation Solutions doo Beograd” has been present on the Serbian and English markets for almost two decades and provides a wide range of services in the field of power engineering, including the design of wind farms. The company has participated in some of the world’s largest projects, and last year engineers tested relay protection at the Moray East wind farm on the coast of Scotland, rated at 950 MW, the largest offshore wind farm in the world at the time. The plan is to expand activities in other countries of the European Union, as well as in the Middle East.

The winner of this year’s competition believes that the role of women in engineering is extremely important, and that we need more women in key positions not only in this profession, but in the entire society. She tells to the young girls who are now deciding on their future profession to be guided by their personal feelings, and not by the opinions of the environment, which are men’s or women’s jobs or which are the most profitable jobs at the moment, “because the prerequisite for being successful in the work we do is that we love what we do.”

As a reminder, the guiding idea of ​​the “Engineer of the Year” initiative is to promote the engineering profession in the public and to inspire and encourage especially young women, high school students in Serbia, to choose studies and a career in engineering.

Photo: Screenshot Youtube/Mediade d.o.o. Inovativno založništvo