Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia director to attend RES Serbia conference

Maja Pokrovac, director, Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia (OIEH) will moderate the first panel at the RES Serbia 2021 conference. The first panel will deal with energy transition, new capacities and technologies in the RES market. By assigning Mrs. Pokrovac to moderate the introductory panel, good cooperation between the two associations and also among the individuals working towards a common goal – more green energy and healthier environment – has once more been demonstrated.     

Mr. sc. Maja Pokrovac has been the director of OIEH since its founding in 2016. With respect to total installed power, the association accounts for 80% of renewable energy projects in Croatia. Just like the RES Serbia association, it represents the only focal point for the RES industry at national level. Maja Pokrovac has received a Master of Public Policy degree and is studying MBA Energy Economics. She has worked as a director at the Croatian employer`s association for 12 years, where she was responsible for energetics, transport and financial markets, aiming to improve investment climate, which was also at the forefront of her efforts in the coming period, when working as advisor to Minister of Enterpreneurship and Crafts. She accumulated substantial international experience working for the International committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, managing important communication projects. Maja Pokrovac is presiding over the Croatian society of Lobbysts. She takes active role in the process of advocating for women`s  business interests.