Chairman of the Executive Board of Erste Bank at RES Serbia 2021 conference

Chairman of the Executive Board of Erste Bank Slavko Carić will be a panelist at the RES Serbia 2021 conference on September 15th, which will be held 2021 at Metropol Palace Hotel, Belgrade.

Slavko Carić has been the Chairman of the Executive Board of Erste Bank since 2009.

He received his education in USA and Switzerland, where he earned a degree in Business Administration from the University of Geneva in 1995. During his career, he founded several successful companies in the area of trade and finance. Mr. Carić knows business environment in Serbia very well thanks to his long-standing experience within the fields of investment banking and capital market. He is known for boldly commenting on and analyzing banking and economic sector topics in public.

He voluntarily serves as member of board directors in several business associations.

A responsible approach for financing is essentially embedded in Erste Bank’s operations and a strategic commitment to contribute to a sustainable future for customers, employees and the community. Recognizing climate change as one of the greatest global challenges of today’s society, Erste Bank is committed to financing various energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.